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Visitors (workshop participants and special events attendees) should purchase your parking permit from the pay station at the Gates. We will pay it all for the invited attendees. You are suggested to drive in and out through the following Gates:

  1. 800 Dongchuan RD(Siyuan Gate),0:00-24:00。
  2. 1101Cangyuan RD(West Gate 2),6:00-24:00
  3. 901Jiangchuan RD(North Gate 1),6:00-24:00
  4. 601Jiangchuan RD(North Gate 3),6:00-24:00

Parking spaces usually located near each building, and parking spots are available.


For Chinese notice, please see:


Parking fee as followed:

Charge per hour

Small car

Big car

Oversize vehicle







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