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Published:2016-10-10 Views:673

The research of the group of “Applied Mathematics in Biology” includes modeling, simulation, and analysis in important biological problems, such as neuroscience, cardiovasology, tumor growth, and medical imaging. Aiming to understand mechanisms underlying physiological phenomena observed in experiments, the research of the group is focused on modeling of the biological processes, analysis of data structure and information processing, development of new efficient computational methods for related problems, and investigation of new mathematical structures that appear in the models.


The works of the our faculties have provided useful simulation tools for related problems, such as large-scale neuronal network simulation, data analysis for neuronal network dynamics, and medical imaging; have proposed important mathematical models for a few physiological process, such as the adaptation of blood vessel systems and the dendritic integration rule of a neuron, which have been successfully applied in explaining experimental results and designing new experiments; and have brought forward new mathematical structures, such as the optimization property of biological transport networks and compressed sensing property in Primary Visual Cortex.

Wu Wen-Tsun Center of Mathematical Sciences at SHANGHAI JIAO TONG UNIVERSITY