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SJTU- Tel Aviv University grants to Chinese outstanding researchers

 1. Dan David Prize

10 Scholarships are available for Ph.D students and Postdocs worldwide and please refer to

The deadline is March 10

Open areas: Historians and their resourcesinformation revolutionbioinformaticsand find more in


2. Tel Aviv University would like to invite students from SJTU University to apply for its 2015-2016 post-doctorate fellowship program in areas of Science, Ethics, and Democracy.

The Center offers grants to outstanding researchers who study the interplay between scientific and technological developments, politics, and ethics. The fellowship is open to researchers from all disciplines and fields, including humanities, cyber and computer sciences, social sciences, law, medicine and bioethics. Grant Amount: $28,000

Deadline for submission of all application materials: February 15, 2015

Additional information about the Center, research fellows and activities can be found at:


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