Current research projects

[8] Variational implicit-solvent modeling in molecular simulations: algorithm and application, NSFC grant No. 21773165, Co-PI, 1/2018-12/2021. (分子模拟中的变分隐式溶剂模型: 算法及应用)

[7] Analysis and computation of charge dynamics equations with many-body effects, NSFC, grant No. 11571236, 1/2016-12/2019. (含多体效应的电荷输运方程的分析和计算)

[6] National Youth Top-notch Talent Program, Central Organization Department of China, 9/2013-9/2016. (中组部青年拔尖人才计划)

[5] Med-Engineering Interdisciplinary Research, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Co-PI, 1/2015-12/2017. (医工交叉研究)


Past research projects

[4] Coulomb many-body systems in biological and colloidal sciences: Algorithms, modeling and simulations, NSFC Cultivation Project of Major Research Plan for High-Performance Computing, grant No. 91130012, 1/2012-12/2014

[3] Fast algorithms for complex charged particle systems, NSFC Youth foundation, grant No. 11101276, 1/2012 -12/2014

[2] New Century Excellent Talent Program, Chinese Ministry of Education, grant No. NCET-09-0556, 1/2010-12/2012

[1] Multiscale modeling and fast algorithm for ion channels, NSFC Tianyuan foundation, grant No. 11026057, 1/2011 -12/2011