Group photo at INS to celebrate the thesis defense of Zecheng Gan, May 24th, 2016


Current Graduate Students

Jing Fu, (PhD student, 2014-). Research area: Multiscale Brownian dynamics.

Lijie Ji, (PhD student, 2015-). Research area: Mathematical and numerical analysis for charge transport.

Jiuyang Liang, (Master student, 2017-). Research area: Enhanced sampling method for Monte Carlo simulations.

Yihui Tu, (Master student, 2017-). Fast algorithms for many-body physics.

Former PhD Student and Postdoc

Zecheng Gan, (PhD student, 2010-2016). PhD thesis: Dielectric effect in charged soft matter systems: Fast algorithms and computer simulations. Position after PhD: Postdoctoral Assistant Professor at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Manman Ma, (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2013-2016). Research area: Many-body effects in charged systems and supercapacitors. Position after Postdoc: Assistant Professor at Tongji University, Shanghai.

Pei Liu, (PhD student, 2012-2017). PhD thesis: Modeling, analysis and computation of the ionic correlation with dielectric interfaces. Position after PhD: Postdoc at Penn State University, University Park.

Undergraduate and Master Students

BS: Haizhao Yang (2010), Qingyuan Shi (2011), Jingxian Kang (2011), Pei Liu (2012), Guanyi Mou (2015) , Jiuyang Liang (2016-2017), Yihui Tu (2016-2017), Shaojie Zhang (2017), Cheng Zhu (2017), Qiyuan Zhao (2016-)

MS: Kai Chen (2010-2012), Qihan Lin (2013-2016), Chuanqi Zang (2013-2016)