Workshop on Recent Advances in Numerical Analysis



The Workshop on Recent Advances in Numerical Analysis will be held from Nov 15 to Nov 16, in the Department of Mathematics, Shanghai Jiao University, Shanghai, China.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together experts in the field of numerical analysis (in the broad sense) and explore possible collaborations. We expect to cover more traditional topics such as Finite Element methods, domain decomposition, adaptive methods, as well as new developments in multi-scale methods, sparse approximation, uncertainty quantification, and stochastic computation.

Invited Speakers and Talks




Huhua International Hotel, No. 300 Heqing Road, Minghang, Shanghai 200240
电话: 021-61268299, 021-51801144
请注意: 我们订的沪华在鹤庆路,请别混淆为剑川路或者沪闵路上的沪华,谢谢。

The easiest way to get there is to take a Taxi, and it will cost about 100 RMB from Hongqiao, and 200 RMB from Pudong, but the time
is about the same since there is more traffic from Hongqiao.