The International Conference and PhD-Master Summer School

Groups and Graphs, Designs and Dynamics

Yichang, China, August 12 - 25, 2019


Aug. 30th, 2019: Slides from G2D2 closing are available.

Aug. 22nd, 2019: Schedule update 2.

Aug. 17th, 2019: Schedule update.

Aug. 5th, 2019: Program book is available.

Apr. 15th, 2019: Henan Polytechnic University organizes an International Workshop on Algebraic Combinatorics, which will be held in Jiaozuo, China, 20-24 September, 2019. For more details, see the announcement and the webpage.

Mar. 8th, 2019: The list of participants have been determined (please see the link). Let us mention that there may be small modification of the list in the future. If you have not found your name in the list, please contact the organizers.

Feb. 13th, 2019: Shanghai Jiao Tong University will organize a minisymposium on discrete dynamical systems as a satellite workshop of G2D2. The minisymposium will be held at Dongchuan Road 800, Shanghai, August 26 – 28, 2019. For more details, see the webpage.

Dec. 25th, 2018: Vrije Universiteit Brussel organizes the summer school "Finite Geometry and Friends", which will be held in Brussels, Belgium, 17-21 June, 2019. For more details, see the website.

Oct. 20th, 2018: The International Linear Algebra Society has decided to endorse G2D2.

Oct. 14-21, 2018: The workshop "Design Theory from the Viewpoint of Algebraic Combinatorics" is organized at TGMRC.

Oct. 11th, 2018: Novosibirsk State University presents a video where participants of G2R2-2018 talk about the experience they have got and express their impressions.

Oct. 10th, 2018: The "International Workshop on Algebraic Combinatorics" will be held at Anhui University and USTC, Hefei, China from November 22–25, 2018.

Oct. 1st, 2018: ADAM and ACM publish an announcement of the special issue for G2D2 at ADAM.

Aug. 19th, 2018: Huye Chen represents TGMRC to give a welcoming speech for possible participants of G2D2 at the end of G2R2.

Aug. 19th, 2018: On behalf of the G2D2 organizing committee, Yaokun Wu announced the rough plan of G2D2 at the end of G2R2.

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