The International Conference and PhD-Master Summer School

Groups and Graphs, Designs and Dynamics

Yichang, China, August 12 - 25, 2019

The program of the conference consists of a number of invited and contributed talks listed below.

Invited talks

  • Collin Bleak
  • University of St Andrews
  • The beautiful simplicity of flawless vigorous groups
  • (abstract)
  • Beifang Chen
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Polynomial of graphs and interpretations for their values at integers
  • (abstract)
  • Naihuan Jing
  • North Carolina State University
  • Generalized Schur functions and Jacobi-Trudi formulas
  • (abstract)
  • Michael Kagan
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • Resistance distance transform (RDT) in the context of Weisfeiler-Leman and Jordan stabilizations
  • (abstract)
  • Jack Koolen
  • University of Science and Technology of China
  • On a new upper bound of cliques in strongly regular graphs
  • (abstract / slides)
  • Caiheng Li
  • Southern University of Science and Technology
  • Finite primitive permutation groups containing a solvable transitive subgroup
  • (abstract)
  • Shiping Liu
  • University of Science and Technology of China
  • Spherical graphs and discrete curvature notions
  • (abstract)
  • Yanqi Qiu
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Hyper-positive functions and their applications
  • (abstract)
  • Danila Revin
  • Sobolev Institute of Mathematics
  • Wielandt's program of the study of $\mathfrak{X}$-maximal subgroups of finite groups: a progress report
  • (abstract / slides)
  • Hajime Tanaka
  • Tohoku University
  • Tight relative t-designs on two shells in hypercubes, and Hahn and Hermite polynomials
  • (abstract / slides)
  • Andrei Tetenov
  • Gorno-Altaisk State University & Novosibirsk State University
  • On topological classification of self-similar dendrites
  • (abstract)
  • Qing Xiang
  • University of Delaware
  • Applications of linear algebraic methods in combinatorics and finite geometry
  • (abstract)

Contributed talks

Nikolay Abrosimov, Volume of a compact hyperbolic tetrahedron in terms of its edge matrix (abstract)
Matthew Bernard, Continuum Branching Observable in Higher Genus (abstract / slides)
Huye Chen, On the Burness-Giudici Conjecture (abstract)
Shaoshi Chen, Algebraic dynamics and rationality theorems on D-finite power series (abstract)
Yichao Chen, An Euler-genus approach to the calculation of total graph embedding distributions (abstract)
Eric Endo, One-sided versus two-sided measures: the lack of continuity (abstract / slides)
Rhys Evans, Bounds for regular induced subgraphs of strongly regular graphs (abstract)
Alexander Gavrilyuk, Digraphs with Hermitian spectral radius at most 2 (abstract)
Hao Hu, Combining symmetry reduction and facial reduction for semidefinite programming (abstract / slides)
Haofei Hu, Trees from tensor product of digraphs (abstract)
Alice Man Wa Hui, Characterizations of hyperplanes related to quadrics in projective space (abstract)
Christina Ilyenko, Coincidence of Gruenberg-Kegel graphs of non-isomorphic finite groups whose Gruenberg-Kegel graphs are disconnected (abstract)
Vladislav Kabanov, On divisible design graphs which are Cayley graphs (abstract)
Hiroki Kajiura, Difference sets in association schemes (abstract / slides)
Young Soo Kwon, Existence of efficient total domination sets of circulant graphs (abstract)
Jie Li, Progress on mean equicontinuity and its local version (abstract)
Jiyou Li, The art of exclusion-inclusion sieving and its applications in combinatorics, number theory and coding theory (abstract)
Yangjing Long, Exact-2-relation graphs (abstract)
Natalia Maslova, On finite groups that are recognizable by isomorphic type of Gruenberg-Kegel graph (abstract)
Ilya Mednykh, Enumeration of rooted forests in circulant graphs (abstract / slides)
Nikolai Minigulov, Finite almost simple 4-primary groups with connected Gruenberg-Kegel graphs (abstract)
Natalya Mozhey, Structures on Three-dimensional Pseudo-Riemannian Spaces (abstract)
Mikio Nakahara, On Majorana representation of complex vectors (abstract)
Dmitry Panasenko, The complete enumeration of strictly Deza graphs with at most 21 vertices (abstract)
Yanhui Su, Planar graphs with nonnegative combinatorial curvature (abstract)
Ying-Ying Tan, A spectral characterization of the s-clique extension of the triangular graphs (abstract)
Anna Taranenko, On the König-Hall theorem for multidimensional matrices (abstract / slides)
Danny Vagnozzi, Combinatorial and algebraic approximations of graph isomorphism (abstract)
Konstantin Vorobev, On equitable 2-partitions of the n-cube with maximum correlation immunity (abstract)
Jianchun Wu, Subgroups in direct products of compact surface groups (abstract)
Yaokun Wu, Rooted weighted trees: Tall or fat? (abstract)
Binzhou Xia, Some examples of nonnormal Cayley graphs on nonabelian simple groups (abstract)
Yanzhen Xiong, Sparse (0,1) array and perfect phylogeny (abstract / slides)
Yian Xu, Normal and Non-normal Cayley Graphs for Isomorphic Regular Groups (abstract)
Min Yan, Pentagonal Subdivision (abstract)
Chao Yang, De Bruijn sequences and magic tricks (abstract)
Jisang Yoo, Structure theorem on random permutations (abstract / slides)
Wei-Hsuan Yu, Recent progress on equiangular line problems (abstract)
Soe Soe Zaw, On strictly Deza graphs derived from the Berlekamp-van Lint-Seidel graph (abstract)
Wei-Juan Zhang, Simplifications of the intersection condition of chiral form for polytopes (abstract)
Da Zhao, Generalization of linear codes and MacWilliams identity and its application to construction of unitary designs (abstract)
Jianjie Zhao, Null systems in the non-minimal case (abstract)
Shenglin Zhou, On flag-transitive non-symmetric 2-designs with $(r, \lambda) = 1$ (abstract)
Yue Zhou, No lattice tiling of $\mathbb{Z}^n$ by Lee Sphere of radius 2 (abstract)
Yan Zhu, Relative t-designs in Johnson association schemes for P-polynomial structure (abstract)
Yizhe Zhu, Spectra of random regular hypergraphs (abstract / slides)

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