Special Session

Maths-for-industry Activities in China and Other Asia-Pacific Regions, a Review and Their Perspectives

Organizers: John Ockendon and Yichao Zhu

Compared to the technique-based theme sessions on "Free-boundary problems in industry", this special session of the conference is planned from a more strategic viewpoint. The workshop will consist of a number of oral presentations, where successful cases of maths-for-industry activities by means of regional collaborations and specialised industrial maths workshops will be reviewed. In particular, there will be an oral presentation on the development of the series of Chinese industrial maths study groups, as a memorial of one of its founders, Professor Yong-Ji Tan who passed away in 2015. There will also be a panel-audience free discussion session, the outcome of which is expected to be tentative plans for further promoting maths-for-industry activities in China and in the Asia-Pacific region.