Panel Sessions

Panel Discussion Session: July 11

“Future Directions for FBP’s: Methodologies and Applications”

 15:40-17:10, Rm 204

                         Chaired by

        John Ockendon, University of Oxford, UK
        Juan Luis Vasquez, Autonoma University of Madrid, Spain

Other contributing panel members
        Antonin Chambolle, Polytechnique, France
Gui-Qiang Chen, University of Oxford, UK

        Tatsien Li, Fudan University, China

        Shige Peng, Shandong University, China


The co-chairs and panel members will make a brief presentations (max 10 minutes) at the beginning on the issues that they have selected to raise. This will be followed by questions or comments from the floor.
The chair persons will make a brief summary (if possible).
Recommended duration: 1h30.

Possible discussion topics could be
-Discontinuous vs. continuous FPBs
-Deterministic vs. Stochastic FBPs
-Homogenisation of FBPs
-FB in nonlocal diffusion and nonlocal perimeter problems
-Perspective questions

plus some other topics that will arise