Theme Sessions


We are calling for other theme sessions. If anybody is interested in organizig a new theme session, please submit a proposal for the theme session to the conference email address ( The proposal should include a brief description of the session and the list of potential speakers. The deadline for the proposal is March 1, 2017. All the proposals will be reviewed by the scientific committee of the conference.

(* to be confirmed)

1. Regularity and singularity of free boundaries

2.  Phase field models

3. Free Boundary Problems in biology

4. Free Boundary Problems in Gas Dynamics, MHD, and related topics

5. Surface PDEs and related topics

6. Free Boundary Problems in mixed-type PDEs

7. Probabilistic methods for FBPs  through reflected backward stochastic  differential equations        

8. Optimisation and control of interfaces

9. Free Boundary Problems in water waves, incompressible fluids, and related topics


10. Free boundaries/interfaces on graphs

11. Numerics for Free Boundary Problems and related topics


12. Free Boundary Problems in industry

13. Further Connections with other areas

14. PDE Problems with Moving and Free Boundaries